Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes cluster

Monitoring your Kubernetes Cluster with Prometheus and Grafana. And here is how to install this. sudo su apt-get update && apt-get install -y build-essential golanggit clone cluster-monitoring We have to edit the vars.jsonnet file so that this is working on our Kubernetes Cluster. vi vars.jsonnet Find thise settings in the config file and change… Continue reading Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes cluster

Portainer on Kubernets Cluster

There are to versions you can install on your Kubernetes Cluster the community edition and the Business version. The business version helm repo add portainer repo update helm install –create-namespace -n portainer portainer portainer/portainer –set enterpriseEdition.enabled=true If you have a domain can you get a free business license for 5 nodes. The… Continue reading Portainer on Kubernets Cluster

Microsoft Access lockes

Microsoft Access has two database formates the old mdb and the new accdb format. I was wondering as I change from mdb to accdb, I got a lot of errors with not enough space on disk and not enough memory and errors by running simple update queries in Access – after updating to accdb. I… Continue reading Microsoft Access lockes

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PXE boot over Ethernet

You can also boot your Raspberry Pi from you NAS drive I use Synology DS420+ and PfSense to manage my DHCP server options. You can not manage DHCP from your standard router. This is only working with ethernet cabel connected not over wifi. And here how to do this. Synology NAS configuration. Create 2 shared… Continue reading PXE boot over Ethernet

Touch screen

This display is working on Rasbian Legacy and Raspian Bullseye OS and the installation process is the same. The easiest way to install a touch screen attached to the GPIO is to use this commands, the Raspberry will make a reboot and you are ready to use you touch screen. Here to enable the 3,5… Continue reading Touch screen

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