Pi-hole on Kubernetes

How to install Pi-hole on kubernetes. The ad-blocker for your network. Change the DNS on your router to ip of your Kubernetes cluster. You can also make the DNS change on your computer – if you not like to change the DNS for all devices on your router. Not all devices support DNS change like… Continue reading Pi-hole on Kubernetes

NodeRed on Kubernetes

Here is how to install NodeRed on your Kubernetes cluster. helm repo add node-red https://schwarzit.github.io/node-red-chart/helm repo update kubectl create ns noderedhelm install nodered node-red/node-red –namespace nodered –set service.type=LoadBalancer –set persistence.enabled=true Here you have to change the ip to your Kubernetes cluster ip. I use NodeRed to automatic restart my fiberbox, when the connection is… Continue reading NodeRed on Kubernetes

Minecraft on Kubernetes

How to install Minecraft Vanilla 1.18.2 on Kubernetes. helm repo add itzg https://itzg.github.io/minecraft-server-charts/helm repo update kubectl create ns minecrafthelm install –namespace minecraft minecraft -f minecraft.yaml –set minecraftServer.eula=true itzg/minecraft We also need to make the minecraft.yaml file for the installation here is the content. If you like to see some information about the installation can you… Continue reading Minecraft on Kubernetes

Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes cluster

Monitoring your Kubernetes Cluster with Prometheus and Grafana. And here is how to install this. sudo su apt-get update && apt-get install -y build-essential golanggit clone https://github.com/carlosedp/cluster-monitoring.gitcd cluster-monitoring We have to edit the vars.jsonnet file so that this is working on our Kubernetes Cluster. vi vars.jsonnet Find thise settings in the config file and change… Continue reading Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes cluster

Portainer on Kubernets Cluster

There are to versions you can install on your Kubernetes Cluster the community edition and the Business version. The business version helm repo add portainer https://portainer.github.io/k8s/helm repo update helm install –create-namespace -n portainer portainer portainer/portainer –set enterpriseEdition.enabled=true If you have a domain can you get a free business license for 5 nodes. https://www.portainer.io/pricing/take5 The… Continue reading Portainer on Kubernets Cluster

Kubernetes cluster

How to install Kubernetes Cluster on Raspberry 4 Pi with 8GB ram and the new Raspbian Bullseye 64bit. And an SSD drive for the cluster data. The fun part is to build the cluster here some pictures of my cluster build. Image the drives To make it simple – did I give my Raspberry Pi’s… Continue reading Kubernetes cluster