Uptime-kuma on Kubernetes

It is a self-hosted monitoring tool like “Uptime Robot”. If you like to monitor your network servers and see the uptime can you use uptime-kuma. Here is how to install this on your Kubernetes Cluster. After the installation can you reach uptime-kuma over your cluster-ip and port 3001 – in my case is this.… Continue reading Uptime-kuma on Kubernetes

Create image from drive

Rufus one of the best programs for creating USB drives from images. But also to make images from SD cards and USB drives. To save you image click the small icon after the device. And you can save the image as vhd and use it in Ventoy. Rufus is also very good to create bootable… Continue reading Create image from drive

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All ISO’s on one M2-SATA

Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files. https://www.ventoy.net This is a super tool to get rid of all the USB drives and put them together on one. Now I only have this one with all my boot images on for Windows and Linux. And can also use the… Continue reading All ISO’s on one M2-SATA

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Ghost blog on Kubernetes

How to install your own private Ghost blog on Kubernetes. I will use this blog site internal for my family to publish events, recipes, holliday plans, birthdays and our daily links. And give our kids their own blog site so they can learn to build them. First we need to make two yml files to… Continue reading Ghost blog on Kubernetes

Autoscale on Kubernetes

Here a simple way to autoscale applications on your Kubernetes Cluster. Here I autoscale my SearXNG Search Engine so I have min. 2 running and max. 3. The autoscaler will ensure enough instances are running to maintain an avarage CPU usage across all instances. To change or remove the autoscaling can you take a look… Continue reading Autoscale on Kubernetes

SearXNG on Kubernetes

How to install your own private metasearch engine on Kubernetes cluster. No ads, no tracking your own private search enginge. https://medevel.com/searxng/ But how to install SearXNG on a Raspberry pi Kubernetes Cluster. SearXNG is now installed but the port 8080 is not exposed over Loadbalancer so we also have to do this. Here a look… Continue reading SearXNG on Kubernetes