Uptime-kuma on Kubernetes

It is a self-hosted monitoring tool like “Uptime Robot”.

If you like to monitor your network servers and see the uptime can you use uptime-kuma.


Here is how to install this on your Kubernetes Cluster.

helm repo add uptime-kuma https://dirsigler.github.io/uptime-kuma-helm
helm repo update

kubectl create ns uptime-kuma
helm upgrade uptime-kuma uptime-kuma/uptime-kuma --install --namespace uptime-kuma
kubectl expose deployment uptime-kuma -n=uptime-kuma --port=3001 --name=uptime-kuma-service --type=LoadBalancer

After the installation can you reach uptime-kuma over your cluster-ip and port 3001 – in my case is this.

To uninstall uptime-kuma can you use this commands.

kubectl delete uptime-kuma uptime-kuma-service -n=uptime-kuma
helm uninstall uptime-kuma --namespace uptime-kuma
kubectl delete ns uptime-kuma

Knud ;O)