SSD fix on Raspberry pi

Fix for getting your SSD working via USB 3.

Not all M.2 SATA USB Enclosure boxes are working on USB 3 on Raspberry pi.

You can try to use them on USB 2 and if this is work than I have fix so you can run them on USB 3.

Use the command


To find your USB SSD device.

I have this one “JMicron Technology Corp”.

My have the ID “152d:0578”

Now edit the cmdline.txt file to fix this problem.

sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt

Insert this in the begining of the line, change the ID “152d:0578” to your ID.


This will look like this one.


Now reboot your Raspberry pi – take your SDD from USB 2 to USB 3.

And it will now boot from the SSD on USB 3.

Yes – it will be better to use a compatible SSD box ;O)

The reason is the SCSI Protocol (UASP) is not working on Raspberry PI 4. Maybe we will get an update so this will be possible to run UASP this is faster.

This fix will use the BOT communication protocol insted of the SCSI Protocol (UASP).

And this is only a fix not a good solution, better is to buy a compatible box.

Knud ;O)