SearXNG on Kubernetes

How to install your own private metasearch engine on Kubernetes cluster. No ads, no tracking your own private search enginge.

The Open Source Metasearch Engine that puts your Privacy First.

But how to install SearXNG on a Raspberry pi Kubernetes Cluster.

helm repo add searxng
helm repo update
kubectl create ns searxng
helm install searxng searxng/searxng -n=searxng

SearXNG is now installed but the port 8080 is not exposed over Loadbalancer so we also have to do this.

kubectl expose deployment searxng -n=searxng --port=8080 --target-port=8080 --name=searxng-service --type=LoadBalancer

Here a look from Portainer.

Here the SearXNG application.
And the port 8080 from the pod exposed to port 8080.

So it is simple to deploy and get your own Search Engine up and running on your Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster.

Here the link to SearXNG

To uninstall SearXNG you can use this commands.

kubectl delete service searxng-service -n=searxng
helm uninstall searxng -n=searxng
kubectl delete ns searxng

Have fun and keep your network secure ;O)