Pi-hole on Kubernetes

How to install Pi-hole on kubernetes.

The ad-blocker for your network. Change the DNS on your router to ip of your Kubernetes cluster. You can also make the DNS change on your computer – if you not like to change the DNS for all devices on your router.

Not all devices support DNS change like mobile phones or smart home devices.

helm repo add mojo2600 https://mojo2600.github.io/pihole-kubernetes/
helm repo update

kubectl create ns pihole
helm install pihole mojo2600/pihole -f pihole.yaml --namespace pihole

Here you have the pihole.yaml file for the installation.

replicaCount: 1

  enabled: true

    enabled: true
    port: 5080

    enabled: true
    port: 5443
  type: LoadBalancer

  type: LoadBalancer

So this is at fast and secure way to get ad-blocker installed for all devices on your home network.

If you not have done this I think uBlock Origin is also a must have on every internet browser.

Pi-hole is a good and free tool for blocking virus and ads. But for Youtube you need uBlock otherwise you will have ads.

Pi-hole can also be managed on your iPhone or Android phone.

Remember to use persistent storage on every importend application otherwise your data will go lost on reboot or update. Here a short look from Portainer.

To uninstall Pi-hole on your kubernetes cluster you can use this command.

kubectl delete ns pihole
helm uninstall pihole --namespace pihole

Pi-hole is super ;O)