NodeRed on Kubernetes


Here is how to install NodeRed on your Kubernetes cluster.

helm repo add node-red
helm repo update

kubectl create ns nodered
helm install nodered node-red/node-red --namespace nodered --set service.type=LoadBalancer --set persistence.enabled=true

Here you have to change the ip to your Kubernetes cluster ip.

I use NodeRed to automatic restart my fiberbox, when the connection is not working.

You can make your home automation with NodeRed.

We take a look from Portainer on NodeRed.

And here you can see the pallets I use in NodeRed.

The power switch I use is from Ikea.

On missing connection this will restart my fiberbox (internet connection). After restarting til NodeRed send me an email to tell me about the event.

You can also use this to manage you Ikea light.