Pfsense IP block log not working

Updating to pfBlockerNG-devel 3.1.0_1 on pfSense version 22.01.

And yes IP blocking is working – but the logs for IP blocking are not working after this update. DNSBL is working and have no problems.

Here how to fix this.

Enable SSH on your pfSense box and use this command to fix the ip log problem.

curl -o /usr/local/pkg/pfblockerng/ ""

After running this command then restart the service pfb_filer “pfBlockerNG firewall filter service” from the “Dashboard”-“Service status” and the IP logging is working again. And this is super ;O)

Here also a direct link to the fix page.

UPDATED PATCH for pfSense 2.6/21.x IP Logging Issues : pfBlockerNG (

Knud ;O)

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  1. Some of the stats are still not working after the alternate config file but its better.

    1. IP Block did you only have when you have defined an active ip4 feed or made an IP blacklist. The default is “PRI1 Abuse Feodo Tracker”.
      GeoIP blocking can also show up under IP Block depending on the action you have and that the login is enabled.

      “IP Permit status” and “IP Match status” is only used when you define a rule that use the log for IP permit og IP Match – so the default is empty.

      DNSBL Block Stats here must you have an active DNSBL group and DNSBL must be enabled.

      Also remember to update pfBlockerNG I can see we have a lot of updates in the last days the new version is 3.1.0_4 from 2022-03-29.

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