Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes cluster

Monitoring your Kubernetes Cluster with Prometheus and Grafana.

And here is how to install this.

sudo su

apt-get update && apt-get install -y build-essential golang
git clone
cd cluster-monitoring

We have to edit the vars.jsonnet file so that this is working on our Kubernetes Cluster.

vi vars.jsonnet

Find thise settings in the config file and change them.

armExporter = true
k3s = true
master_ip =
suffixDomain = is my master change this to your ip address of your Kubernetes Cluster master ip.

make vendor

kubectl apply -f manifests/setup/
kubectl apply -f manifests/

Now the installation is finish we can take a look – is all installed.

kubectl get ingress -n monitoring

Looks good and we have the url’s with ip and ports to login. #open grafana for the cluster #open prometheus #open alertmanager

Initial password for Grafana is admin, admin.

I have add this to pfSense to get the url’s to work alternative is to add this to your hostfile.

The simpe test is to ping this host must respond with otherwise can you not reach the website of Grafana.

In my case I also have pfblockerNG installed so don’t touch the unbound settings.