Windows 11 on not supported computers

How to install Windows 11 on an old computer with TPM 2.0 Encryption but with an too old CPU.

I have an old computer with Windows 10 and can see it is not possible to upgrade to Windows 11.

But I found a way to do this. This is simple, be sure TPM 2.0 is activated in your BIOS and that you also have secure boot enables.

If you not are running secure boot – than install Windows 10 again with secure boot.

<< Remember to backup your data before this.>>

Search for “regedit” and open the program. And open this key by adding this in the box under files.


If you not can find this key than go to


And add the folder MoSetup first.

Add this key DWORD32.

AllowUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU” add “1” to the key.

Now download Windows 11, add the ISO image to an USB stick. You can use rufus-3.17.exe to make this usb thumb drive.

Mount the usb thumb drive you computer and run the setup direct from Windows 10.

Now can you install Windows 11.

Knud ;o)

PS. Give the new Winndows a try – but do not forget you can also run Linux on you old computer. Like Windows 10 – and will not make this upgrade on my desktop computer.

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