Touch screen

This display is working on Rasbian Legacy and Raspian Bullseye OS and the installation process is the same.

The easiest way to install a touch screen attached to the GPIO is to use this commands, the Raspberry will make a reboot and you are ready to use you touch screen.

Here to enable the 3,5 LCD touch screen.

sudo rm -rf LCD-show
sudo apt install git
git clone
chmod -R 755 LCD-show
cd LCD-show/
sudo ./LCD35-show

To disable the touch screen again can you use this commands.

chmod -R 755 LCD-show
cd LCD-show/
sudo ./LCD-hdmi

Now you have the controles back to you hdmi interface.

The display I use right now is this one from

TRU COMPONENTS Touchscreen-monitor 8.9 cm (3.5 tommer) 320 x 480 Pixel.

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